Real Estate Workouts and Insolvencies

Representative Engagements

We have represented Chicago and suburban condominium developers, and residential and commercial landlords in multiple-lender, single-lender and FDIC negotiations.  We have successfully negotiated forbearance agreements and restructured loans.  We also have completed many deed in lieu of foreclosure transactions.

Because we do not often represent banks, we often take referrals to represent individuals and entities in litigation and negotiations related to guaranty exposure.  Our bankruptcy expertise allows us to present bankruptcy as a defensive tool when necessary, and we also have used novel contract arguments to successfully resolve significant liability on real estate loan guaranties.

Foreclosure Litigants
We have represented a range of different interests in foreclosure litigation, and taken a leading role in successful resolution of complex multi-party disputes, involving owners, mechanics lien holders and secured lenders.

Property Managers/Landlords
We have represented landlords and property managers in a wide range of eviction proceedings, and we often are able to negotiate voluntary expedited turnover of leased premises.