Outside Counsel to Large Corporations

Representative Engagements

Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Company
For over ten years, we have provided counsel to one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.  Our work includes day-to-day matters such as the filing of claims and recovery of equipment, but we also negotiate and litigate significant financial disputes, including defense and prosecution of avoidance actions and contract litigation.  The bankruptcy matters we handle frequently involve customers, but we also have been involved in the bankruptcies of supply chain and technology vendors.  We communicate almost daily with in-house attorneys and members of the credit team, and have developed a proactive approach that produces measurable positive outcomes.

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
We have handled a wide range of bankruptcy matters for a major diversified financial services company for more than a decade.   We provide guidance on drafting of agreements and asset protection and also prosecute pre-petition and contract rejection claims.  We frequently negotiate and litigate resolution of bankruptcy matters involving a unique range of consumer financial products.

Fortune 1000 Real Estate Services Company
For nearly 15 years, we have served as bankruptcy counsel to one of the largest real estate services companies in the world.  We work on a wide range of matters, including claim prosecution, and litigation and negotiation regarding brokerage, management, investment banking, construction and disposition contracts.  We often defend avoidance action lawsuits, and we frequently assist our client in navigating its own retention as a disinterested professional in bankruptcy cases, sometimes even taking responsibility for the fee application and fee review process.

Diversified Consumer and Business Data Company
We have represented one of the major credit reporting companies for more than ten years, handling bankruptcy issues related to the credit reporting business, and representing other business units involved in web-based businesses, consumer and business data, and a wide range of related activities.   The majority of our work concerns claim prosecution and preference defense, but we handle a variety of other matters, including bankruptcy-related aspects of contract negotiation and asset recovery.

Major University
We represent one of the largest  private universities in the United States on a range of bankruptcy matters.  Most of our work concerns landlord/tenant matters related to real estate holdings, but we have also been involved in intellectual property matters, vendor bankruptcies and asset disputes related to creditor claims.