Outside Counsel to Large Corporations

Every day, we provide guidance to large public and private companies on the full range of debtor/creditor issues. Several of our oldest clients are major corporations that call us several times a week to discuss day-to-day bankruptcy issues, such as preferential transfer litigation, and also trust us with bankruptcy disputes where millions of dollars are at stake. These clients include a number of mid-sized family businesses, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world in areas such as food, real estate management and financial services. When a task can be managed effectively by inside attorneys, we provide enough guidance to make sure that an acceptable outcome is achieved, and when bigger issues arise, we are ready to take the lead.

We often work closely with the in-house attorney responsible for debtor/creditor matters, and, when appropriate, we also develop relationships with managers and employees on the business side, who come to us directly with questions from the front lines. We value these relationships. We present seminars and develop material to help educate credit managers and sales staff on tactics to minimize bankruptcy exposure and maximize recoveries. These types of relationships require a great deal of trust and we work hard to demonstrate that we can handle the responsibility. These relationships also provide an opportunity for us to work closely with our clients to control costs and budget with accuracy. In some instances, we have moved away from hourly billing for these engagements in order to help our clients meet their budgeting objectives.

Representative Engagements

"I cannot believe that a republic could hope to exist at the present time, if the influence of lawyers in public business did not increase in proportion to the power of the people."

- Alexis de Tocqueville