Creditors’ Committees

The creditors’ committee is not just the voice of a bankrupt company’s unsecured creditors, but also the watchdog over the debtor. The successful representation of the creditors’ committee requires the ability to be both friend and foe to the debtor, and to present a credible threat of litigation on any issue. We have successfully represented creditors’ committees across the United States for over twenty years, in bankruptcy courts in Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New York and Wisconsin.  Our representations include both formal and informal committees, as well as pre-bankruptcy committees formed to negotiate prearranged or prepackaged Chapter 11 plans.

Our strategy for success in bankruptcy cases is to assume control of the plan process, curb the debtor’s non-essential spending and quickly exit bankruptcy with a meaningful distribution to creditors. Our committee representations have resulted in substantial cash recoveries for creditors in industries including steel, food, manufacturing, medical equipment and high technology. Our representations have included the creditors’ committees of Hearthside Baking Co., T H Agriculture & Nutrition, L.L.C., Flintkote Company, Fansteel, Inc., Proteva Company, Abtox, Inc., Federalpha Steel LLC, Combustion Engineering, Inc., Artra, Inc., Circuit Systems, Inc. and Dietzgen, Inc.

Representative Engagements

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