Chapter 11 Debtor Representations

The attorneys of FrankGecker utilize their diverse skill sets and experience to aid businesses as they reorganize or liquidate under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases involve complex issues that require counsel with the ability to negotiate, litigate and offer creative, pragmatic solutions. 

FrankGecker has served as debtor’s counsel for a commercial packaging company, an insurance broker, a holder of a $150 million real estate portfolio, an industrial firebrick manufacturer, and a developer who had commenced construction of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.  In each instance, we have insured that our client received the full protections and benefits of chapter 11 while pursuing the best possible resolution of their financial challenges.  Because we do not work for lenders, we do not face the conflicts that could prevent us from taking aggressive positions with a debtor’s secured creditors.  This freedom helps us to ensure that our clients take advantage of every option that may lead to a successful outcome in chapter 11.

Representative Engagements

"The purpose of law is to prevent the strong from always having their way."

- Ovid